Custom Architectural Solutions

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Architecture is the core of what we do. We design successful buildings, additions, and renovations. For every project we develop custom architectural solutions that are site specific, tailored to the needs of users, technologically innovative, and inspired. Each project is unique and deserves a unique design.

Initial designs are carefully developed from an understanding of our clients’ requirements combined with the particulars of the project site. Designs consider both the current needs of users and their future needs. Master plans are often created to guide the development of a project over time.

We develop projects from programming and master planning stages through design development, construction document production, and administration of the construction contract. Our development of construction drawings and specifications is intentionally rigorous. During construction we work closely with the contractor to monitor construction progress and quality. All of our work and attention to detail ensures that the final product meets our clients’ needs and fulfills the vision of the initial design.

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Feasibility Assessment

The majority of our projects begin with assessing project feasibility through property analysis and building assessments. This can involve analyzing the suitability of a property for its intended use or determining its maximum development potential .

Property assessments begin with a thorough review of zoning and official plan requirements. We identify further restrictions on the property such as urban design guidelines and conservation authority requirements. We assist our clients by acquiring information on their property including legal and topographical property surveys, environmental assessments, geotechnical investigations, and servicing studies. We incorporate all of this information into the design of a preliminary site plan that includes building size and location, vehicular and pedestrian access routes, parking lots, and green space.

Building assessments involve coordinating the needs of our clients with the capacities of the existing building. We review the state of the existing building and evaluate its size and layout for the intended use. We identify the need for repair, renovation and expansion of the building.

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Project Management

Our process is a collaborative effort towards intelligent design solutions. We typically spearhead this group effort as leader of the consultant team.

Long standing relationships with a complete range of engineering consultants allow us to recommend suitable consultants for all project stages: from initial site assessments through design, construction, and commissioning.

Our approach to managing projects focuses on establishing and achieving project milestones. We give direction to consultants on the work required of them to meet the project schedule. We periodically review their work for errors, completeness, and to ensure all client requirements have been incorporated.

Clear and complete communication is critical to the success of all building projects. While our expectations are high, solid procedures for communication and collaboration ensure client and project goals are achieved.

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For design and construction drawing preparation we utilize the 3D modeling and design software Autodesk Revit®. Working in three dimensions allows preliminary designs to be modeled complete with topography and building materials. Accurate building views, elevations, and shadow studies are produced which are used for design meetings with clients and user groups, regulatory approvals, and promotional needs.

Design models are developed into detailed designs and then further into fully detailed construction drawings. We seamlessly develop the project in three dimensions while producing all necessary two-dimensional drawings required for construction. The speed of project development is significantly increased.

This software is becoming the standard in the industry. Recently many firms have decided to switch to this program and method of project development. As an early adopter of the software in 2008 our experience is greater than most. All of our design and production staff are fully skilled in Revit®.

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