Chancellors Way Grand Opening

Jim Fryett, Tiffany Tosheff and Sabrina Vastag from James Fryett Architect Inc. were pleased to attend the grand opening of a new specialist office / laboratory building in Chancellors Way in Guelph. During this well-attended event Petra Schennach conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony and those present were given a complete tour of the building.

The building is the new home of NSF International and is located within the University of Guelph Research Park. NSF had the opportunity to showcase their new 25,000 square foot office building with research and laboratory facilities. The contemporary building design by James Fryett Architect Inc. features striking ‘glulam’ columns, ample natural light, enhanced ceiling heights, and high-quality interior finishes.

We welcome NSF International to their new home.

Ribbon cutting at the Chancellors Way Grand Opening.