Camis Incorporated’s New Home

The new home of software developer Camis Incorporated at 130 Research Lane, Guelph, has undergone interior renovations designed by James Fryett Architect Inc. to make way for a more open concept office space and integrate a new mezzanine floor.

The original building was designed by James Fryett Architect Inc. in 2000 and incorporated large vaulted ceilings anticipating the installation of a mezzanine. The additional space was not required at that time, but the expansion of the tenant’s activities has led to a demand for more floor space. Completion of the mezzanine allowed this expansion without having to provide additional building volume. The new headquarters now features sustainable building practices consisting of energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems and glulam construction.

Open concept office space at the new home of software developer Camis Incorporated in Guelph.